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So I built a silly thing


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Picked up the f1 receivers about 3 years ago and have been gathering parts ever since.


Ballistic Advantage 14.5" premium series barrel in 223 wylde
SLR adj gas block
JP Titanium 3 port comp (pinned and welded)
JP low mass carrier with JP bolt
F1 skeltonized AR15 receiver set
BA 12" edge handguard
odin zulu 2.0 stock
std carbine spring and buffer
hyperfire hipertouch competition trigger
cmore 2moa red dot
magpul k2 grip
5.5 lb sans optic


We’ll see how I do in limited division as I normally shoot 1-4x in Tac Ops.  My guess is the rifle stage at the local match will be a challenge.  6” plates @200.  Maybe I’ll just resign myself to the maximum fun on the bay stages.



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26 minutes ago, Dan Sierpina said:

1X, I think the center dot is 2 MOA. Being an etched reticle it allows more precise aiming, at least it does for me. Most of the time I use it with the illumination turned off.


I’ll keep it in mind, it does sound good.  The cmore 2moa dot is pretty precise when it’s just turned down a touch.  Would be nice with a etched reticle.  I’m also thinking about a Holosun with the Acss reticle.  I have on on my open shotgun and I’m fond of the chevron and large outer circle

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