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Extended mecgar cz75 17 round issue


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Hi all,

I put a CZC 140mm extension on a mecgar mag. I used the CZC spring and follower.

Now I'm getting nosedives into the feed ramp periodically, using 125 FP ammo that previously ran flawless.

I was assuming this would be as plug-and-play reliable as when I extended my TS mags.

Are there standard tweaks, or should I try a different bullet profile?


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disassemble the mag and try again. note if you have any of even the slightest hang up/rub in the spring or follower at any point. which spring and follower are you using? Do you possibly need to tweak the angle the follower sits at, making it a tiny tiny bit more nose up?


did you load the new mag totally full and let it sit overnight? i have had new mag springs create feeding issues because they were overpowering the slide/recoil spring due to the increased friction until they wore just a tiny bit. Normally a few hundreed rounds. I have found the load and sit thing to help with this a bit.


finally, i too live in a world where i expect everything to be plug and play but i've been much happier since i let go of that and came to expect nothing will fit right or work right every time, especially if changing something.

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