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My Store Bug / Troubleshooting Help Request


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I have had several dealers report that they cannot get the products in my Dealer Store into the Cart.


That page works perfectly for me on 2 Macs /w Chrome and Safari.


The bug is reported as... After they click the "Add Selected Products to the Cart" button, then when they click the "View Cart" link that appears under the "Add to Cart" button, the Cart page loads with no products in it.


If anyone can duplicate that and tell me what OS / Browser - or anything else helpful - I'd be eternally grateful.


One dealer even sent me a screenshot / video of it happening.  (The attachment downloads.)

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Not sure if this is the problem;

Previous versions of Chrome blocked mixed content (HTTP: web sites being linked from HTTPS: websites) but showed a shield icon on the far right of the search bar. That icon no longer shows on the latest releases of Chrome. I don't use Chrome (I try to avoid any product owned by Google), but I suspect that there must be some way to disable this.


I do see where your page tries to pull data from external sites… you may want to check to see if they have the same function available from an https address.

ie. change the http to https on your web-page for external sites and see if that resolves the problem



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17 hours ago, BritinUSA said:


I do see where your page tries to pull data from external sites…

I'm not sure what you mean by that. Everything related to the activity of that page is on the same server / host. Thanks for looking into it Paul.

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When I look at the source code for your web page is see http: as well as https: 

That is what they call mixed content


From Safari go to that store page, click Develop in Safari menu to view the source and search for http:


The Develop option only shows if it’s turned on in Preferences 

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