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Anyone us Montana gold 125 .357 sig hollowpoints in their 38 sup. comp?


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Tried to use the 124g truncated hollowpoints in my gun and they won't feed worth a darn......My magazines feed roundnose bullets 100% and I'm not willing to go bending on something that works.   I like the accuracy of a hollowpoint however........was looking at the .357 sig hollowpoint 125's as they look much more like a roundnose in profile.......Has anyone used these in their super comp with success?



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A guy I used to shoot with ran them in his Super, and I have run them in my 9mm 

They are very blunt and feeding would be very gun dependent, they also have a very long cylindrical section so if you load them long you will need a generous throat.


If they run for you they shoot about the same as any other quality bullet for me.

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