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Looking for, ARCA clamp adapter for Atlas


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Hey JJ!


Check out this one, not cheap and you need an additional adapter but fits your bill. It might be discontinued, because they are not on RRS website any more. Mile High has them in stock, you you could swing by there for one.






I run the screw type w/o issues, but RRS redesigned the knob, maybe others are saying the same thing as you. 



I also have the MPA adapter and have played with the Area 419 ones. Both are "screw" type but with a better knob. Mine don't slip for me.


You can also run a standard RRS QD lever plate.

Sawtooth Rifles has some cool stuff, they help pioneer some of these gadgets too.




Good luck brother!!!

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The reason some of the clamps are tight is because the dovetail angles aren't quite the same when you mix different brands with RRS clamps. If you use RRS plates with RRS clamps they mesh up tight because their angles are the same... more contact area, better clamping. 


Axe me how I learned this the expensive way with a chassis long range rig using the manufacturer's "Arca" plate... where you could see daylight through the clamping area because they only crudely got the angle. 


Gotta try and return or just stick to all RRS stuff. 

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On 5/10/2019 at 1:55 PM, RodneyLtd said:

The  Area 419 version is great.  Match faster to adjust on the move with the knob versus the RRS lever.  

 You don’t have issues with it coming loose? I feel I can’t get the right amount of torque that Id like with them.

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On 5/12/2019 at 6:26 PM, RodneyLtd said:

Never had a problem with it over the past year.


Now I feel like a wimp. I had a guy 3D print up some enlarged knobs to put over the gold knobs to give me that extra “umph” to make sure they are locked down.

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That was my hesitation for the ckyepod. I know with the atlas I can swap to the lever locks with ease. The ckyepod is proprietary so unless I configure a pic to Arca Mount I’ll be SOL. Maybe I need to work on my grip more lol

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