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SP-01 Shadow SA reset problem request for help


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I am looking for help with a problem I am experiencing with a SP-01 Shadow (aka a Shadow1) that I just purchased.  I am going to provide as much information as possible so that you can get as accurate of a picture as you can without seeing and handling this pistol, so please forgive the length of this post. 


Right out of the box, the trigger reset of the Shadow1 in SA was 95% undescernible. By that I mean there was only 5% of the tactile feel and audible reset in SA when I compare it to the SA reset of my current SP-01 with manual safety.  (For reference, the reset of the Shadow1 in DA was approximately 2/3 better = 2/3 as discernible as the reset in my SP-01 so it is acceptable, but I would like it better also.)  As a result of this unacceptable SA reset, I spent quite a bit of time operating the pistol in dry fire and observing what happened. I did that with the pistol fully assembled and with the slide removed so I could see the parts in the action moving. I eventually noticed that the slide stop lever was lifting up as I pulled the trigger. That is being caused by the bottom of the “button” of the slide stop riding on top of the left side of the trigger bar. The result of that = the trigger bar is being pushed down ever so slightly by the slide stop. And that appears to be causing the trigger bar to not snap up crisply in SA reset. 


Other things I checked:

1) The arms of the trigger bar spring are riding properly on the bottom of the trigger bar.

2) The trigger bar legs have no “gunk” between them and the frame causing the trigger bar to drag.

3) The trigger bar spring arms seemed to be too low when released from under the trigger bar, in the free position, so I bent both arms up so and they are now 3/4 of the way up the height of the trigger bar in the free position.


After placing the trigger bar spring arms properly back under the trigger bar legs, the SA reset is approximately 40-50% better; unfortunately that is still very unacceptable and it is no where near  the nice SA reset of my SP-01. 


- Has anyone seen this SA reset situation before?  

- Have you learned what the root cause was?  

- What fixed this problem?

The “easy” fix that comes to mind first is to remove approximately 1/32” of material off the top of the left side of the trigger bar, but I am concerned that is simply addressing the symptom and not fixing the true cause of the problem. 


Your help is greatly appreciated. 

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The trigger bar does not ride that high with the slide on. The little tabs on the top of the trigger bar contacts the bottom of the slide during operation.

If you wont more audible/tactile reset then you will need a different trigger return spring.

What parts do you have in your SP01?

What parts are in the Shadow 1?

Is the shadow 1 new or used? 


Round count and dryfire hours on each gun?


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Thank you for your reply je85. 


Note - the different size font present in various places is a bug in the site. I am not shouting in those locations. The larger font  occurred when I cut text from one part of the post and then pasted it in  another. 


- SP-01 has a CGW reduced power TRS, reduced power main/hammer spring, 85C trigger and reduced power recoil spring with stainless guide rod. The rest of the pistol is stock. 

- You mention a different TRS. The only one I know of that has different specs than stock is the Cajun reduced power TRS. 

- SHadow1 is used and literally looks brand new. When asked directly, previous owner who I do not know says no mods have been done to it  and it has <100 rounds though it (for what that is worth).  I do not see any obvious modifications. 

- Round count on my SP-01 is high, estimating 8,000 cycles or more in dry and live fire. 


i just thought of another personal comparison. A brand new Phantom 2nd generation I had was just like my steel SP-01 with a nicely discernible  tactile and audible reset. And that was the same with it bone stock and fully CGW Pro Grade upgraded. That pistol had less than 100 rounds through it. 

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Is the reset of the Shadow trigger bar upwards just soft, or is it visibly slower when compared to the SP01?

Are the mating surfaces between the trigger bar and sear (or FPB lever) causing any drag, or is there anything in the ejector/sear cage interfering with the upward movement? I have seen a couple of guns where the trigger bar stutters a little on the way up from poor surface finish

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Have you tried a different TRS?

Check the sear spring to see if the previous owner forgot to lower it back on to the safety pin which would bend it up when the slide is put on. 

Check for spots that are getting wear. Your looking for burrs and scratches.

Some pictures would be very helpful. 

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