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An idea to make the weight of the Shadow2 SSP legal

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There is no cut in the top of the slide and I just shot IDPA SSP Master at the Louisiana State IDPA championship. I'm not tellin' 'em Stuart.  
I could shoot either, but prefer SSP.

Well I stand corrected... partially. It looks like you do have the rear sight optic cut? Do you? If so I can’t see how that could pass at Nationals. States likely but nationals with any external slide machining I would skeptic of.

Perhaps there is enough material internally to remove, I haven’t disputed that although it is the road less traveled. Mine makes weight but only with the external slide modifications from Stuart. I guess you could stop millimeters before you actually cut through the slide?

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5 minutes ago, Jeff O said:


See pic of mag release above.

Shadow 1 extended mag release correct?

The shadow 1 mag release is SSP legal.

The part I'm curious about is you have the CZC multi optic cut. Thats a grey area.

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On 3/18/2019 at 11:36 AM, Jeff O said:

Can I get a ta duh? Actually weighed 42.55 at the Louisiana State IDPA match. SO's kept telling me "That won't make weight at equipment check", I kept saying "Wanna bet?"



Details please ?

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