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On 3/15/2019 at 8:22 PM, Magictalent said:

I run .090 w and .240h.

Not going back to factory. Dawson is my only choice now.

A .090 really help, but I do need to make sure my grip is  right.



 Same front sight that I prefer. I use it on both of my shadow 2s. I like have the extra gap in between. I feel like it helps for the longer distance shots and shot calling. YMMV

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I personally like being able to see the gap  more on both sides of the front sight and having them being equal. Some people like the wider sight so they see less gap. It’s personal preference. I feel when shooting doubles or faster under pressure shots being able to tell if the gap is bigger left to right when the sight is returning to position will help with shot calling. Granted your grip is right and the front sight is tracking right back into the sight picture after your shots. I also feel like the thinner front sight at distance helps at further shots. Like a mini popper at 25 yards. Having a wider sight might just cover the whole popper, vs the thinner you’d still might be able to see the parts of the popper. I would try to find someone with one to try if possible. What I like, you might not like.

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Old style with the set screw or new style requiring sand to fit, they all get loose eventually for me. I'd rather take a stock front sight and mill it narrower, re blue it and then put it back on at this stage if I wanted narrower.

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