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Dan Wesson ECO 9MM or STI Staccato C


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Looking to get a new carry gun and narrowed it down to the Dan Wesson ECO 9MM or STI Staccato C. Just wanted to see what you guys think that have shot or own either, I watched a review video about the STI Staccato C and they had a failure to go into battery and some failures to lock back on the last round but they don’t mention it but corrected it quickly and acted like it didn’t happen and then continued on like everything is fine so that had me concerned for a pistol of that price. Skip to 9:30 to see it not go into battery. 



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I have a DW ECO 9mm.  It was good from the factory.  I did send it to Matt McLearn to go through, and in my opinion he made it the perfect small carry pistol.  99% of the time I carry it in a leather holster from John McPhee...the SOB Condom holster.  Makes the pistol easy to move around the belt, or carry in a lot of different ways.  https://sobtacticalshop.com/category/leather-holsters/


The ECO has been 100% reliable.  It is accurate, fits big hands okay (it is a small pistol), and it is a pistol I trust.    


I would not purchase a new STI.    


Good luck!     

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17 hours ago, Steve-O said:

Could you explain why. 

Please see below - exactly what I would have posted.


16 hours ago, dapribek said:

According to many previous posts, members have found STI’s quality control to be inconsistent lately, while the Dan Wessons continue to be high quality firearms. I had a PM9 which almost equaled the quality of my custom guns. 


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I have both the Dan Wesson ECO 9mm, as well as the Staccato C. The ECO was my daily carry gun for the past year, but now the Staccato C is my daily companion. I agree that STI had some quality control issues for a while, but my early and recent STIs have been flawless - with a couple minor quality issues with a Duty One 4.0 a few years ago.


The Staccato C has fired a variety of factory and handloads through every 9mm magazine I own, including Checkmate, Mec-Gar, Wilson, Tripp, Metalform, etc. The only issues I had were two S&B 115gr fail to eject in the first 25 rounds. The Staccato C has functioned flawlessly for the 600 or so rounds since those early issues, including almost 100 rounds of Federal HST - all without cleaning or lubing the gun. And the accuracy out to 25 yards has been outstanding. Unfortunately, my ECO has started to have issues with the Federal HST rounds in a full magazine. The first, and occasionally the second round nosedives into the barrel ramp with every magazine except Wilson, so my confidence in that gun is a little shaken.


The only issue with the Staccato C was finding a holster. The gun won’t fit in any of my normal holsters, due to the rail and squared-off trigger guard. It comes with an IWB holster that is decent quality, but took more than 100 in-and-out reps after backing out the tension screw before I could easily draw from it. I now have a very nice leather OWB holster made for my Staccato C by George at One In The Chamber Gear and I have another one on order from Lobo Gun Leather.


There are a couple other things about the Staccato C that I’m not fond of, but so far it is a great carry gun with a trigger that rivals my Nighthawk T4. 

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