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I have a CMMG MK9 that uses colt mags and I can never get it to run well.  

I called CMMG and their response was that there isn't a 9mm ar that is reloadable.  Which has made the decision for me to never buy a CMMG product again.  You would think that a professional gunsmith would figure out how to make corrections to his weapon to get it to work properly.  In addition to that I have never worked with a business that doesn't stand behind their product.


I had seen on a thread here that filing the mag feed lips to make sure that they are not touching the bolt would help.  It did not.  I even went out and purchased new asc magazines.  That didn't work.  They arent reloadable either.  I have colt mags that not only did they not reload, originally they would rub the bottom of the bolt and cause it to not go into battery.  


I was curious if anyone had tried the glock bolt in the gun and if that made a difference?  


I have since purchased a new rifle that run flawlessly with glock mags, but I almost feel bad trying to see this gun unless I can get it running.  


Any information would be helpful.

Thank you

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5 minutes ago, BartCarter said:

You need to download the Colt mags to an odd number of rounds.  That will allow the mag catch to engage the mag window.  Learned this from an experienced SMG shooter. 

this^ and file a little on the mag catch(very little)

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