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Quantity to Weight of small spent primers


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52 minutes ago, AdamM said:

My scrap yard pays me the same, per pound, as scrap brass.  I just recycle them with the bad cases.  As GF says, why would you want to count them?

Same here plus I usually have spent .22 cases in the can too.

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Why would you keep empty primer boxes? 


I don't count primers...I count bullet heads. You know exactly how many of those you bought, and approximately how many you have left...and, unless you gave some away, you are gonna be pretty close on the amount.

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4 hours ago, gerritm said:

Trying to figure how many we have loaded.  Not trying to recycle. Just figured someone smarter than me knew. Guess I could weigh an ounce and multiply. 


I’d just count out 50 primers and weigh those. Then do the math with your total weight.


Unless you want the exact number, that would be fast and probably get you in the ballpark.

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