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Grand Power trigger break-in

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I have been interested in Grand Power pistols for some time since I’ve always loved weird guns. However, I finally got my hands on a stick P1 (previously only handled the X-Trim) and was kind of disappointed with the trigger. SA is fantastically crisp, but DA has a lot of uneven stacking (I think that’s the term, the weight goes up and down a few times) and doesn’t seem any lighter than my Pre-B 85 with partial polishing on the trigger bar. The SA is heavier than expected too, the X-Trim was noticeably lighter. Maybe that’s just the lack of a FPB on the X-Trim.


On the other hand this is a brand-new gun while my 85 is well-worn. Will the trigger smooth out over 500-1000 rounds or so? It doesn’t seem like there’s much of an aftermarket, are there aftermarket springs somewhere like for CZs? Are there parts to polish inside? My understanding is fit and finish is much better on GPs than CZs so I wouldn’t expect the same gains that I got polishing my CZ.


I’m mainly interested in the P1 and P11 because I already have the 85 for a full-sized pistol and I’d like to have the option of carrying it if I ever decide to get my CHP. I understand that’s not the primary purpose of this forum, but I don’t have a ton of money so I like what I buy to be able to do double duty between the fun and unpleasant aspects of gun ownership. A P1 or P11 also gives me more divisions I can shoot in between the various sports. Although even the K100 is a good inch shorter than my CZ.


I’m also possibly interested in a Q100 or Q1S but I understand their striker triggers are love it or hate it and I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on one to see which it is for me.

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