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Out of brass--using Mil brass


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What you really want to know is case volume, not weight. The case volume will determine pressure, not the weight. Those are two completely different things and using one to substitute for the other is not a good approach. 


So, measure the volume of the different brands. If brand X has less volume, it will require less powder to achieve the same pressure. 


The only possible exception I know to this is the NAS3 steel case, but in that situation it appears that those steel cases might react differently (expansion?) to pressure than brass cases. 

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Fill 10 with water, then weigh the water divide by 10, should give you your volume,
I bet it is no different though... As I see your thought process, If the weight is the same and the outside diminsions are the same, and the material is the same stands to reason the inside is the same

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