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NEW 92X Performance

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On 7/25/2019 at 8:22 AM, Nathanb said:

It says services available for highest bidder.  

JJ isn’t the type to gush about it unless he really likes it.. plus, I’m very certain he makes a great deal more from his firearms store/ teaching.

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On 11/5/2019 at 12:07 PM, Slalom45 said:

Expected to see JJ shooting Prod at locap nats. Anyone know why he's not there?






Philippines , prepping for Australasia Match


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So who makes a decent kydex/plastic holster for this?  The Brig slide with a rail is an odd combination, and most of the normal places I'd look for a kydex holster don't seem to have the model needed.  I see Wilson Combat has a BladeTech for their 92G Brig Tac... I don't think the frame is identical, but it would probably work.


ETA  Disregard.  Beretta has a nice one right on the website.

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On 10/17/2019 at 8:33 PM, Stony Lane said:

Name:  Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 4.29.16 PM.jpg Views: 151 Size:  50.7 KB


Do you know what's that optic adapter, and what are quality adapter options for B92s? I see some stuff on amazon, seems like everything is dovetail mounted, which I am not a fan of.

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On 3/11/2019 at 12:55 PM, Chills1994 said:

You are correct sir!


I dabbled way back when shooting Limited and Limited 10 with a 96 Brig Inox.


With just 16 rounds of .40 on board, it didn't leave much margin for error on a stage... miss a steel or make up a shot on paper and you could end up doing a flat footed slide lock reload in the middle of a stage.  Then that seemed to throw off my plan or tempo for the rest of the stage.


Which is one of the reasons I just stuck with a 92 Brig Inox and 20 + 1 of 9mm (minor).


Yeah...yeah...I can already hear the "but minor sucks" arguments spooling up.  Save yourself the key strokes...I've heard it all before like 9 years ago.


It's not like I was going to win a new Chevy Silverado Z71 pick up truck at each local match...where dropping points because of major/minor scoring really mattered.


This stuff is supposed to be fun, right?

Haha, well said! I hear this all the time too. Limited minor doesn't make sense, this, that, or the other. I'm not a pro and likely won't be, I don't reload and can leave my 9mm brass all over to grow new 9mm ammo. And yes, I do realize this was from March...

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Well well.  Look what came in.

First impressions: 


The trigger is amazing, but there is a lot of take-up in the SA.  I'll read the instructions and see if that's one of the things you can mess with.  The front sight is a little thick for my liking, but it's fine.  I wish they had used a Dawson style front sight so the fiber wasn't so big, but I can work around it.  All of the machining is very well done, and it feels like an incredibly well built handgun.  The 'droop' in the beavertail doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would--mostly because the front strap (area between the bottom of trigger guard and bottom of frame) is so short on a 92, that had they relieved the beavertail area any more, it would probably unnaturally point high.  The grips are whatever.  I thought they would be a stickier rubber compound, but they are a hard plastic, and while nicely 'pebbled' they are a little slick.  I'm not worried about it.  It's certainly heavy.  I think the Brig. slide was the wrong choice, but in reality, I don't know how much slide weight would have been saved by a standard slide.  The mag well is nicely beveled and all of the 'racy' parts like the slide stop and take down lever are nicely done.

Anyway, can't wait to get to the range.  I'll report back as soon as I do.


ETA 1:  Well, damn.  I guess being an early adopter one would expect issues.

Turns out the 'pre-travel' set screw is missing from the gun.  Doesn't affect shooting it, it's just an annoyance.  I called Beretta this morning, but they don't have manuals or parts for the gun yet, so it may take a while to get it.

No worries, though, it will still shoot just fine.


ETA 2:  Update.  Apparently the pre-travel screw is only for an SAO gun--not for a TDA gun.  Which makes sense after looking at where the screw goes, and what it does.  That's a little disappointing, as there is a good bit of pre-travel in single action, but the DA-to-SA reset is so short, once you get used to where it resets, it should be pretty easy to shoot fast splits.

IMG_0756 2.jpg

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I hot one of the 92X Performances, and it's the best gun I've ever owned. Amazingly tight, finish is slick and cleans super easy, ergos are good, and the gun is incredibly accurate. As in touching holes at 25 yards. Some of the accuracy is due to the phenomenal sights and the trigger. It isn't light, but it is nice and wide and the pull reminds me of a Walther PPQ; it's very easy to pull it straight back.


I tried a weaker recoil spring, but I believe the factory one is the best for shot recovery. The gun cycles and comes right back extremely quickly. The weight certainly helps in this regard. Speaking of weight, this thing is a boat anchor. Forty-eight ounces! 


The grips are too slick, but aren't uncomfortable. The extended takedown lever perplexes me. It's not extended enough to use as a thumb rest. Trying to do so resulted in some pain. I found it best to just try and ignore it, but my thumb wants to touch it.


The safeties are possibly a bit too small, but I love resting my thumbs on them. Decocking is a challenge, and the rear sight hangs over the hammer by a lot. The slide actually envelops the hammer at rest by more than a normal Beretta 92. The magwell is excellent. Very gradual taper and gets very wide at the opening.


I love the finish. It reminds me of nickel boron. Not too flash but I do like my pimp gats. Besides looks the finish makes cleaning so very easy. Oil or CLP or whatever on, agitate with toothbrush, wipe off. The gun came drenched in oil, so I've been keeping it wet. Ejection and function have been flawless. It's a real joy to shoot.


This is the first gun I've bought that exceeded my expectations in every way. My only planned upgrades are stippled grips and possibly an extended mag release.  

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3 hours ago, dansedgli said:

Whats the 2nd best gun you have ever owned?


Dan Wesson Specialist in Duty Treat. Everything hand fit, matching serials on grip safety etc. Fantastic fit and finish. Duty treat finish is the toughest finish I've seen on a gun. The 92X is superior in part die to my liking the sights, ergos, etc better. It also cost less. Plus, .45 is not my favorite caliber. 


People are paying $1900 for a 92X Performance on Gunbroker and honestly that isn't completely out of line.

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I'm in a position where I might be able to pick one up, but I can't seem to find a reliable place to find one! Are you guys working with dealers specifically, or working with some big box stores?



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