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Saeco 928 or Lyman 356637


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Hey guys, just getting into the competitive game.  I have a Smith M&P R8 that I'm shooting Steel Challenge with right now in .38 Spl.  I anticipate doing some USPSA, and ICORE mostly with the R8 but occasionally with a Glock 34. 

When I shoot USPSA and ICORE with the R8, I plan on shooting .38 Short Colt. 

I've been hoping to find a bullet mold that might pull double duty for 9mm and .38 SC.  The throats on the R8 slug at ~.357" all the way around, the barrel at .355"  Thinking that either the Saeco 928 or the Lyman 356637 will throw a bullet that can be used in the R8 without sizing and in a 9mm after sizing, depending on how it throws. 

The Lyman concerns me a little because of the flat point and reloading with moon clips in a revolver but I may be getting lost in the weeds.  I'd probably go with the Lyman if you all think it would work just because the 4 cavity Lyman is substantially cheaper than the 4 cavity Saeco. 

Y'all got any thoughts?

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Get a 150-160 gr Round Nose mold.

Flat points will cause you heart ache with a Revo and Moons

I shoot 160RN bayous out of 2 627's and a 929 (9mm)

Bullets sized to .358 by Bayou, their standard 38spl bullets.


These same bullets shoot great out of several 9mm autos.  Sig226, 365, 320's , Glock, 1911's, XDm, etc etc



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