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Great Customer Service (SIG)

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So the short story is:

I bought a used (from Benos) SIG Romeo 1  6moa.  I've got others and I'm really content with them all.


Shot a small 2 stage practice match and all my hits where bottom of the A to the top of the D in general.  Popper hits where at the bottom of the ball or lower.


Last Saturday I go to the range and check the sight in, it's 6-8"'s low.  I adjust the sight and group in the middle of the plate.  Reload rack slide shoot again and the hits go progressively lower.


Check all screws etc.  Same problem.

Write SIG warranty an email Sat. night.  Telling them the problem and that shooting season is starting and need my sight fixed/replaced ASAP.

Email from SIG Monday morning.  Ask for ser# and other info, Monday afternoon I've got an EXPRESS return label.

Gets to SIG on Wed. night per tracking.  Confirmed they have it on Thursday.  Friday an email with a return tracking # for a new replacement sight.

Think that's great customer service.


All the one's I bought new are working fine.  The used one had taken a tumble off the bench , while on the slide and had a few marks per the prior owner.

It worked for about 1000 rounds after I got it and then lost its elevation setting etc.

Yes I would rather have it not break, but less than a week turn over, I'm pleased and actually impressed. 


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They done good. But that does not surprise me with Sig. Companies that produce high quality products, tend to take good care of their customers as they don't want the double whammy of people telling others that their product broke and then poor customer service to boot. Besides, their customer service dept is likely not NEARLY as busy as, say, RIA? 🙄


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I bought a lightly used P938 a few years back. After a couple of mags, the trigger wouldn't

reset.  I called Sig CS and they issued a call tag and a few days later they called and told

the frame was broken and I was going to get a new firearm.  I can't complain about the

way I was treated.

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