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Glck17 10 rounds on GMR15

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Just received my GMR15 and while reading the manual it states that the 10rounder is not recommended because of the design of the follower, I didn’t realized that the high cap( prohibited here up north) doesn’t share the same follower? Thanks 

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Not sure about the mag issue, I live in a run what you brung state so I have always used the hi-cap mags. I did the barrel break-in thing but the gun shot REALLY well out of the box. I used the "break-in" time to test some loads some call that "multi-tasking" I call it having small lots of previous loads that needed to be shot. I think you will enjoy the GMR 15 the only stoppage I have experienced was a primer falling into the trigger group and locking things up and I am at around 5000 rds

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JP GMR-15 is a great pistol caliber carbine! Used it tonight in its first USPSA PCC match. The carbine ran flawlessly, me not so much. Have about 1200 rounds through mine now without the first hiccup. And yes I did the barrel breakin just because. 


Looking forward to shooting a Steel Challenge Match this Sunday with mine.


Good luck with yours.

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Instead of creating another thread might as well ask it here. I find the trigger not bad, but I prefer the Geissele SD-E of my 223. Wondering if it’s compatible with the GMR15. ( ask JP but haven’t got an answer, been a week already) Btw the 10 rounds and the 17 pinned to 10 is a challenge to load on close bolt, not sure if it will improve after some use.

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