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IDPA & Extended Mag releases

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New to IDPA and dont quite understand the rule if any on modifications.For IDPA use are exteneded  aftermarket mag releases legal.

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You may have a magazine catch up to .200" taller than stock but it may not be larger in diameter. 
But not in SSP, unless it's a factory mag release, correct?

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The rule on extended magazine releases is one of IDPA's clearest and easiest to understand rules.  What about this is not clear?



8.1.7 Allowable Modifications for All Divisions
The following modification rules apply to firearms in all divisions.
A. Storage locks may be disabled or removed.
B. Magazine disconnects may be disabled or removed.
C. Lasers that are incorporated into the firearm or sights are allowed if they comply with all other division rules and
the laser is not activated during a string of fire. Tape may be used to prevent the laser from projecting.
D. An extended magazine release button may not be oversized in diameter or protrude more than 0.2” out from
the frame. The measurement is taken at the rear most part of the magazine release, where it exits the frame.
When the magazine release area is recessed into the grip frame, the grip frame to the rear of the recess is used
as the base of the measurement.


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