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First Nationals, L10 division, what to expect

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Well I have a spot for either Limited 10 or Production division. I can choose either match. I'll probably go with L10 because I'm more comfortable with my Limoted gun then I am my production gun. 


Anyway I'm wondering what to expect. Should I bring a bunch of money for gun raffles, swag, gear? Do we shoot all in one day? Looking for insight as what to expect. I've shot around 8-10 major matches from Ryan Rocks to Area 5. And shoot local matches just about every weekend durring the season in Michigan. 

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I shot one Nat'ls, a decade ago.


You can bring $$$, but I don't remember paying anything for anything while I was there - personal choice.


We shot around five stages / day which was great.


Not too much else different, that I recall, from an Area match.


But, you will get to rub elbows with The Best of the Best :) 


If you shoot L10, bring your Prod gun with you as a backup gun - of course,

you'll need the ammo, mags, holster etc - keep you shooting if your L10

goes down.

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There is not a gun show going on concurrently with the match, so to me there is no need to bring extra money to spend at the match. There will be a few "stuff" vendors there if you want shirts, glasses, ear pro and so on. But not like you're gonna find a deal on say magazines and want to buy 10 of them.


Florida weather can be whacky, be ready for that. Very few good restaurant choices near the range. Congrats on getting a slot.

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