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Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun Championship presented by Doublestar. October 17-19, 2019 at Rockcastle Shooting Center

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Registration will open for the 2019 Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun Championship presented by Doublestar on March 9th at 8 a.m.!  You can sign up at https://practiscore.com/blue-ridge-mountain-3-gun-2019-presented-by-doublestar-clone/register at that time.  We’ll be looking for you in Kentucky on October 17th. 


See you there!



ADAMGE:  Thanks for catching that!!  

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Looking to see if anyone would like to split the cost of a two bedroom condo at diamond cavern resort? It's just down the road from the RockCastle lodge. They have a full kitchen, two bathrooms, and a washer and dryer included. The person I normally split with is not shooting this match this year. Cost would be 50 bucks a night split between two people. 

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Not much traffic on Enos these days- but another BRM3G in the books. I have had the pleasure (pain?) of RO'ing a decade's worth of Blue Ridge Mountain 3 Gun, and this one did not disappoint.  Some say this one was more difficult from the previous several matches, but I had to remind these shooters we're all older now too.  


This is the match that made me love the sport, and so many of the shooters I talked to this year said this is their favorite match of the year.  Imagine that many crazy people all grouped together in one place.  There's nothing I liked more than trailing each and every shooter on stage 4 and hearing them sucking wind when I said "Unload and show clear".



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  I too love shooting this match, but I am such a glutton for punishment that I went and had a tooth pulled today, lol.

  Blueridge is a very challenging match, both physically and mentally. I really enjoyed this years match. I didn't notice it being more difficult than the other ones that I have been to, but it did live up to the Blueridge reputation. I had the pleasure of being on squad one with some old friends and some folks that I met for the first time this weekend. I had a blast shooting with and getting to know them and look forward to seeing them again. 

  I would like to thank all of the Sponsors, ROs, Stats and Andy for making this match happen!



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I can only echo the comments of HRider above. Great squad, fantastic weather, awesome Staff and challenging stages presenting  a great test of skills. This was my favorite of all the BRM3G's  of the past.

While the shooting may have been just a bit tougher I did not feel that it was physically harder. I certainly am older, however. 



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