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Had a little trouble with my Gray Guns comp trigger kit


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Headed out to the range for a practice session with the 320 X5 yesterday but unfortunately it was cut rather short.  Probably less than 30 rounds in the trigger went totally dead.  Field stripped it, everything looked ok, pulled out the FCU and there was the trigger return spring just dangling in the wind.  Didn't see that coming.  I've had the kit for a little less than a year, have Im sure several thousand trouble free rounds through it, never occurred to me the spring would just snap like that.  I know its a thinner diameter than stock but I would have thought it would of lasted longer.  Didn't have the stock spring with me so was done for the day with that gun, ended up salvaging the trip shooting my 365 and old standby XDM.


Got through to Gray Guns this afternoon, no way to buy replacement springs on the website but they are sending me one no charge.  I guess the moral to this story is if you have this kit in your Sig keep an eye on the trigger return spring and keep your stock one with you as a back up.  Just glad this didn't happen at a match.



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