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Hi All, Newbie from DFW


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Been reading the forums for quite some time, actually over a year now and really enjoy the information.  Over the last year I have gone from more of the Tactical Timmy to full in on USPSA competition.  Absolutely bitten hard by that bug.  Why didn’t I start doing this years ago?  Anyway the beauty of shooting is it can be done at almost any age so I guess better late than never.  Mid 50’s but in pretty good shape and very competitive so that helps me focus on hanging with all you youngins.  


I tend not to be a big poster, more of reading, observing, and learning.  Most of the time when I actually have a questions, I find it’s likely been asked and a little search usually provide an answer, however, I do notice that often opinions change over time so be patient if you read the same questions from me as you do from others.


I currently shoot a g34 in CO, but thinking hard about going to a steel frame.  The new Walters Q5 is an option but holding a shadow 2 felt even better but now sure it will weigh in with an optic.  Seems the Q5 SF would be an easy move.  However, the CZ urge is getting stronger.  I do like my 34 however, I do think that I will eventually move to a steel frame so may as well do it sooner rather that’s later.  Utimately I would love to get an Atlas Nemisis, friend has one and it was unbelieavable, but that’s for a little down the road I think.


So here is a question that I know will vary from person to person and ultimately like everything else, I need to try myself to see if it works better for me.  That said, I really get particular about proper fundamentals and prefer to do things properly but realize there are multiple ways to do the same thing correctly.  This weekend a shooting buddy burned it up in a match and attributed 100% of it to him changing is technique to more of bent elbows that he picked up from the way Frank Proctor shoots.  Claimed his transitions were much faster and very little wasted movement all the while managing recoil as good or better than more of the traditional hold with a very slight bend in the elbows, more of the Vogel way.  


Anyone utilize that method and thoughts around this?  As I said, I will give it a try hopefully this week but was curious as to how many shoot this way.  Thx.

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