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Scoring system

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Ok that tells me my points on that target how does  the time and points come together to tell me how well i did in the stage or match

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Anything out side of the Alpha zone adds time to the time you shot the stage in, A=0, B=1, C=2, and a mike is 5, these are seconds that are added to you time.. Now you add all of your stage times and whom ever has the lowest time in your division wins.

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52 minutes ago, JAB said:

So its the fastest time that wins the stage or match then

Yes fastest time wins. 

Scored raw time in seconds + penalties in seconds + seconds for hits outside of the A Ring = score.

To add a little extra on some courses - 1 second for each X Ring Hit.

For a Match you just add up all of the Stage Time Scores, lowest (fastest) time wins.

You are best shooting all A's, sounds silly but in USPSA you can out run a few points down, as the difference between an A and a C is usually only a .10th of a second at reasonable ranges.


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I like ICORE scoring.  Focus on A’s.  You could speed up but those b’s and c’s will push you down.  My 2nd match was perfect, slower but all a’s.  I lost that for a while as I would try to shoot as fast as others shooters on the squad.  I’m now learning to not to let that influence my speed, shoot as fast as I can see my sights.

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