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Shadow 2 Maintenance Question


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Hi all -Yesterday I started to replace the safety on my Shadow 2 with an extended right side release. I thought I broke a detent plunger but didn't, I just misunderstood that there was a different style on the left and the right. Anyhow, I wasn't thinking and thought that it came with one for the right (doh) - So, I just ordered one from CZ custom and while I am waiting for it I have the sear assembly out of the pistol, and am going to swap the mag release to the right side and give the whole thing a good cleaning and lube.


I've only had the pistol a few months and am still learning the mechanics - is there anything that I need to worry about while swapping the mag release while the sear is out (with the trigger bar assembly, etc)? I couldn't think of or see any issues (in fact it might be easier) but thought I'd ask first. A pic of the current condition is attached.


FWIW, I found the tuning video(s) by Kneelingatlas to be invaluable so far. So much good info.




S2 3.3.19.jpg

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You're left handed aren't you...??


You can leave the trigger bar in place for what you're doing. Just make sure the spring goes back into the grooves on the bottom side of the bar when you're done. And that the screw holding the spring in gets properly torqued and either loctite or staked when done.


Do nothing to the sear while it is out.

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