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Pcc vs Open pistol what's faster?

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1 hour ago, Shootymacshootface said:

It sounds like it could go back and forth depending on course design. Some of the pistol shooters must get annoyed when they lose fastest time of the day to a pcc.



Yes on the first part, not so much on the second.  Usually open guns win, but not always and being happy that you beat a pistol with a rifle is about as gay as being happy that you beat a limited gun with an open gun

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At our local matches we will shoot the match two times.  I will shoot PCC for the first shoot and Open for the second.  In most cases I place higher with Open mainly because of the major power factor points.  As far as time there pretty much the same.

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I'm in DFW, so we have a pretty big shooting community and matches several times a week year-round.  In larger USPSA club matches (60+ people) where the top GM Open shooters always come out to play the top PCC shooters rarely crack the top 5.  


From A on down PCC dominates, of course, since getting hits is easier.  At the lofty GM Open level, though, where guys and gals seemingly just wave the pistol around and holes pop in A zones everywhere the faster transition speed plus major scoring is decisive.

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16 hours ago, Aircooled6racer said:

Hello: If you through in Carry Optics with a fast GM he may beat both the PCC and the Open pistol guys. That has been done quite a bit also. Thanks, Eric

If you look at the results of the 2019 Miami Open, Speedy beat Max by 7%.  They shot almost the identical # of A/C/D/M in a similar amount of time.  The Minor vs. Major scoring was the difference.  If a CO shooter beats Open, they are not of equal ability

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