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Winchester 244

jim m

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been looking for some,, was gonna just order 4lbs from powder valley,,
Looked up the VMD,, its pretty bad... IE space it takes up per grain... Its worse than tight group,  takes up very little room. I imagine it wouldnt be to consistent in a 45 case. If you look at the tried and true 45 powders they tend to be fast powders that take up alot of room 

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I've used it a little in a 45 Auto, including some on the low end of the charge weight. Used it with 185 JHP, 200 lead and 230 FMJ bullets. 


It does seem to provide fairly consistent speeds, based on 10-shot strings - standard deviation of 6-12 fps.  Accuracy, with my limited experience, is very good in my 45 with a Kart barrel.

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I'm in the process of using 244, 200 grn. bayou coated bullets and fed primers in my 1911"s.  I shoot lighter loads, I don;t like beating up my 45's and I shoot twice a week at my local range, so I do burn up some ammo.   I've dropped the min. book load quite alot and am using lighter recoil springs.   No malfunctions, really clean burning and so far really accurate up to 25 yds.   I have not put them in a rest yet as I'm working on function right now. Forgot to add it meters extremely well in my dillons, 550 and 1050. So far so good.

It feels like a clean burning bullseye.  


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