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Help me choose a rifle


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Getting into some local AR matches (Mostly steel and other targets) from 50 - 300 yards.

I currently own a suppressed Noveske 10.5" CQB that I don't believe is up for the task (Unless you convince me otherwise). I thought about adding a JP Silent Captured Spring to it and probably help with recoil and flatten the front.


I was thinking about a 14.5" JP PSC-11 with CTR-02 lower (I like the option of both charging handles) or a LANTAC Raven (Yes, I know they are two completely different guns for different scenarios).

I would like soft and flat shooting that is easy to maneuver (as I will be moving a lot), but that can also have a decent group to hit 300 yards with the proper bullet. I don't want to experiment with a bunch of parts and a custom build unless absolutely required.


I thought 55gr would do for blasting through, but maybe I should look for a 62gr or even a 69gr bullet? I don't plan to reload for 5.56, so I need to test and select what bullet I will set on.


I will be using my Trijicon 1-8 scope.


Thoughts / Suggestions?



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Meh. I don't oppose it if it ultimately yields a better outcome than buying a complete build. I just thought that many would actually recommend getting one from those reputable builders.

But a nice lower with a proof research barrel, a nice thin and light handguard, etc sounds like a good idea.


Perhaps I should try JP Silent Captured Spring and lightweight bolt carrier in my 10.5" and see how it goes before a build? Will it improve at all or should I go straight to a new build/purchase?



@hlpressley - No pricing yet

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A lighter bolt setup without adjustable gas won't be much of a benefit.  


The new parts, adjustable gas block, lighter bolt carrier group and JP SCS, together will make a huge difference.  Side note - you don't need the JP SCS spring kit - the stock one is just fine.


When you buy a new one, you're also paying for the time it took for them to build it.  It's almost always less expensive to do it yourself, and it's full custom build then too.  

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My Noveske has the switch block (Off, Suppressed, On), so a lighter bolt carrier with stock buffer/spring will help?

Apologies for the newbie questions. Can you provide a quick rough list of brands I should look for?


I would certainly not mind building it.





Adj gas Block:

Bolt Carrier Group:






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I use Superlative Arms's adjustable gas block, and I love it.  There are a ton of lighter bolt carrier groups, and I use the Brownells one, it was $110, at 8.3oz for the whole bcg.  Look through the forums, there's a large thread about lighter bolt setups.  


Found the forum link:



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5 hours ago, LowBoost said:

Lower: Aero Precision M4E1

Upper: Aero Precison Threaded

Handguard: Aero Precision Atlas S-One 15 inch

Barrel: 16 w/ Intermediate Gas or 18 w/ Rifle Gas (Rainier Arms Ultra Match Mod2, Odin Works, ETC)

Adj gas Block: Superlative or SLR Adjustable

Bolt Carrier Group: JP LMOS or Fail Zero Low Mass

Sprig/Buffer: JP Silent Captured Spring

Stock: Magpul SL, XLR or Any Stock of  your liking.

Trigger: Hiperfire 24C/Eclipse, AR Gold, Triggertech adj, etc

Brake/Comp: APA The Answer or SJC Titan




Here is my recommendation

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just build ur own,, builds are stupid easy, and tons of variables... Nothing over the counter will make u happy.
FYI my first build AND Ar is a 300 AAC,, love this thing...  To date,,,,1 pig, 2 deer,  2 fox and lots of dead cardboard


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Don't get me wrong I have built ARs and have purchase fully built ones as well for other purposes (defense, hunting, etc). 

I am looking for something I can use for the "game" and be soft and flat shooting. This is a different animal from those I have built and purchased before, hence why I thought about purchasing something built. 


Besides being "overpriced", is there any reason you guys do not recommend a JP, Lantac, Armalite or any other high-end rifles? 

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I vote you start with what you have and spend some time learning your hold overs. While it's not optimal with some practice  a decent optic and trigger you can make it work.


If you want to buy something by all means get a JP15 or a CTR.  If you asked me who built a better rifle I'd be at a loss to tell you. Plus if you decide to sell it later you won't take much of a loss on a factory JP gun.

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Thanks for the advice. I'll give my 10.5" a try. I really like my Trijicon AccuPower 1-8 (Actually better than my NX8) and Geissele SAA-E trigger.  I'll try it with and without suppressor to see how it does. In all honesty, I am not in a rush to buy something. In fact, I thought that replacing the BCG for a lighter one and replacing the A2 buffer/spring for a Silent Capture would be a better/cheaper option.


Thanks everyone for your input

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First, try your current rifle, see how you like it in competitions.  Just put on a $40 miculek comp and go nuts.  


I put my 3 Gun rifle together for $1200 (on black friday a year and a half ago).  Weighs in at 6.5 lbs with optic.  If i were to do it again, i would've gotten the 18" rifle gas ballistic advantage barrel (they were sold out everywhere at the time)...  but whatever.


Aero precision upper (no forward assist) and lower

ALG 15" v2 ergo handguard

balistic advantage 16" 223 wylde hanson stainless barrel + superlative adjustable gas block

mil spec buffer tube with JP SCS + mission first tactical stock

miculek compensater

timney 3lb trigger

ergo grip

raptor charging handle

primary arms micro red dot

fortis 1/3 dot mount

brownells nickel boron light weight bcg

basic parts kit

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