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Mark7 - Evo - Powder Adjustment Knob

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I was wondering, has anyone come up with an improved powder knob for the Evo powder assembly? Something bigger with adjustment indications rather than just the singular arrow? Also, what do you use to prevent the knob from slipping after several hundred throws? I tried using a lock washer but even that doesn't hold after a while.


This guy looks awesome, for example for the Dillon folks - https://usa-shop.armanov.com/product/clickable-dillon-precision-powder-thrower-adjustment-knob-assembly-50-clicks/.



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Mark 7 has a new updated powder adjustment lock fitting which in my experience is 100% effective.  I've loaded 20,000+ rounds without it ever coming loose since I got the updated one.  Since you don't have it, you probably also don't have the latest upgrades to your powder measure either, so you might want to call MK7 support and get a ticket going to send your measure in and have it upgraded.

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Needs redesigning. Once loose it's all over the place no control at all. Needs sprung detents and like a locking clip/catch/pin etc. For click adjust with numbered dial and lock.


Should be easy. 

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