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Buying a new SP-01, which is better?


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Depends, but probably not...


If you are looking to go SSP, you'll need to start hammer down, which I suppose is easier with a decocker...I have 2 CZ 75 variants, none with decockers, and I've started hammer down lots of times, without issue.


If you are going ESP, you'll want to start 'cocked and locked' so you'll need a safety...


And from what I've heard from those who would know, you can get a better trigger with the safety model...I'd vote no on the decocker...



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In terms of starting hammer down, the decocker model decocks to the 'half-cock' notch, which gives you a shorter double-action first pull than the full-forward length pull, where the manual-safety model has to start according to rules.  Both the manual safety model and decocker can be worked over by places like Cajun Gun Works to get some very nice triggers, but generally you can get the trigger a bit nicer on the Shadow models which are manual safety and no firing pin block, so there isn't the extra bit that lifts the block and you can get a very short pre-travel/reset on the single action break.  But again, the regular non-Shadow SP-01's can be tuned very nicely as well.


For DIY, no contest....the manual safety models are much easier to disassemble and work on.

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The safety model is definitely easier to DIY, but the decocker sear cage isn't that bad after you've done it once and know what's what. 


I agree with the discussion that the safety model gives a better trigger pull, but I think it falls into the "in theory" territory alongside the over travel trigger screw in that it is such a small difference that when you are actually shooting you won't notice the difference, especially when both are well polished. Changing the hammer spring will give you a much more noticeable difference in trigger feel than the decocker vs safety. So really, IMO, it comes down to whether or not you think that tiny benefit outweighs the extra safety precautions needed to manually let down the hammer during Make Ready. 



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Decocker models take alot of parts and work to get a good trigger. They also are a pain in the @@$ to work on the sear cage.

Safety model will give you more freedom for other divisions and disciplines. Also can be converted to single action very easily for ESP.

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