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Making a comp from scratch?


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Long story short: I've been thinking about following in the footsteps of other famous posters here and doing a match with a 500 S&W as a gimmick.  I've got the 4" barreled version with the comp, but the comp just seems inadequate.  I think the gun could definitely benefit from having a much bigger one, considering how much gas the 500 S&W cartridge puts out.  How difficult or expensive would it be to make a comp from scratch?  Would it just be buying a few blocks of steel and sending them to a machinist with a lathe?  Or could it be done by someone under the supervision of a machinist?


Thanks for indulging my ridiculous question.

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The 500 has little gas relative to a 9mm/.38x 


youre pushing s bullet that’s .5” in diameter and probably 3x the mass of an open gun.  


A comp won’t make a big difference, load a lighter load and bullet for the gun.

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Making a comp is reasonably easy and with some "adult" supervision as you put it would be a good learning project on a lathe and mill.


I do think a BIG comp on a 500 would work pretty well. I"m thinking it would tame the recoil from "Oh my god that' insane" to "well that's unpleasant"

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My post may be misleading slightly, I meant it is all relative.  The cal produces a ton of gas for sure, but so does a .50 BMG but you’re never gonna see either described as being “Flat and Soft” out of a pistol.... 


An open 9mm produces roughly 500ft/lb of energy, the 500sw is roughly 2800ft/lb of energy with a 300gr bullet.  


Remember it’s all about Newtons 3rd, and resolving 2800 foot pounds of energy internally to the gun requires a very heavy gun.  A bigger comp may make it slightly better than now but if the gun is already compensated, a different comp won’t make it dramatically different than it is now.


The truth is it’s a man cannon, and it’s never gonna feel like a pea shooter


If I wanted to shoot a match with a gun like that I’d figure out a way to load wax or some super light bullet .  Also, the blast that’d come out of a 500 with a more efficient comp design will be teeth rattling for sure



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