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Worth my time and $$$?


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Picked up a used 2011, in 40.  Has a STI short frame and an aftermarket slide.  The slide is unmilled, but has sights.  I found a few places that will mill out the slide for $250 to $300.  Everthing else works great and no issues.  


Do I send it out and get it done or save my money, try to sell and use all the money to put toward a STI or something similar? 

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It’s kind of hard to say without more info or pictures.  Is everything else on it the way you like?


What slide work do you want done?  Would your total investment be more than something comparable?

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23 minutes ago, Excursion12 said:

When you say unmilled, has the gun been built yet? Does it have a barrel fitted?


If I'm understanding the OP correctly, he bought a used 2011 that's got an STI frame and an unnamed slide and the milling he is referring to I believe is slide lightening. 


What sort of finish is on the gun right now? Is it in the white? 


If the gun already has some sort of finish then you will also need to figure out what it's going to cost you to get it re-finished. 


Keep in mind certain protective finishes can be more difficult to re-do than others as well as be more expensive. 


So your final expenses with that project will be more than just the 250-300 for the slide lightening cuts.

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If you are happy with how the gun shoots now, leave it alone.   If you are not sure, shoot it a lot, then shoot a friends lightened 2011.  Many, many shooters in Limited shoot tri-topped slides.  They do feel different.


Here is what slide lightening does for a Limited gun.  It lets the slide operate faster and return to battery more quickly.  It results in a tad less muzzle rise and a slightly faster second shot.  Gans Enterprises charges $150 for tri-topping.  The disadvantage of tri-topping is it weakens the slide and makes cracking a greater possibility.  There are other ways to lighten a slide that does not diminish the structural integrity of critical areas.  Generally they cost more to remove the same amount of weight.

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On 3/2/2019 at 5:43 PM, GrumpyOne said:

Select them all, then click send to email, size them as medium, they will attach to the email, then copy them from the email, and paste on desktop, then upload from there to here.

Thank you. I'll try it

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