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Super swage setup ideas

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I’ve been lurking for awhile now and learning a lot here so I thought I’d share how I set up my super swage as a contribution from the perspective of a new reloader.  I’ve seen the videos with the spring attachments that fling the swaged brass into a bin. It’s a neat ideas but for me it just didn’t look like it actually speeds anything up. I found that most of my wasted time while swaging came from grabbing a shell from the bin and orienting it correctly to fit on the rod. This setup cost me about 10 dollars in parts and took about 20 minutes to set up.


The bench is plywood covered in 1/4” hdpe with 2x4 reinforcements under any mounting points. I used t-nuts underneath to secure the bolts and the plugs to cover the holes are just automotive push pin fasteners from a hardware bin at Lowe’s.  I also use the setup to mount things like my grinder and vice when I need them.  In case anyone asks, the bin mount rails on the face of the bench are just 8’ strips of carpet/tile transitions flipped over and mounted backwards.  The screws under the feed tube are a temporary solution until I com up with a better idea. I’m thinking of finding another case feed adapter and cutting it to open the bottom end up. 

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