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Gen 2 G17 - carry optics

Todd B.

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Hello: I am using a Gen 2 right now for Carry Optics. I am using a Brownells Gen 3 slide cut for a RMR. I am using a Holosun 507C and like it alot. By using another slide I can use the pistol for Carry Optics and Limited Minor or Production. If you have any questions I would be happy to help. Thanks, Eric


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10 hours ago, Todd B. said:

Thanks everyone.


Does anyone make a slide already milled for the Delta Point?


Do the custom milled slides get the dot lower than the stock MOS models?

Pretty sure the Brownells slides can be purchased that way. Or Swenson. Google is your friend. 

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58 minutes ago, Todd B. said:

Seems like the Delta Point is the preferred optics around here, I wonder why everyone seems to offer cut slides for the RMR?


The RMR is by far the most popular among the tactical/self defense crowd. That market is wayyyy larger than the USPSA Carry Optics market ;)

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