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UML True Heavy Metal shotgun capacity clarification

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I setup a pump shotgun for heavy metal with a 12rd tube capacity and that's been great for every match i've run thus far.  i've never shot a UML rule set so i only have the long tube.


my two questions are can i make a plug to limit my total capacity without shortening my tube?  i only have the one tube for it right now so a plug is more desirable if legal.


and if plugging is legal, what must i limit the tube capacity to?  is it 8 in the tube, or 8 in the gun?

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Looks straight forward to me, and doesn’t have any restrictions on length of magazine or capacity of magazine, only the number of rounds that can be loaded IN the magazine. No more than 8 rounds may be loaded into the magazine at any point

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i ended up using a  piece of 5/8" OD PVC pipe as that's what tractor supply had and it worked great.


interestingly upon the stage brief the RO for that stage said that heavy is only allowed 8 in the 'gun' not tube, so i'm glad i had asked this question!

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