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Shadow comparison


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I was finally able to find a shop somewhat local to me that had a Shadow 2 in stock.  I was very impressed and this one had a great trigger from the factory.  They also had one version of the 75 tactical, so I was able to do a bit on comparison between the 1 vs 2.  Now I haven't been able to fire either so this is just based on handling the two, but I noticed on the 2 the wider beavertail rubbed on one of the knuckles of my thumb whereas the narrower beavertail of the 1 didn't.  To those that have either fired or owned both, do you have this issue?  Is it something you notice when shooting or am I just noticing it because I am not firing any rounds? 


I realize anatomy is different for everyone, but...   Hopefully I will be able to find some versions of both the 1 and 2 Shadows this coming season to be able to live fire,but for now this will have to stoke the flame.  Thanks

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