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Greetings fellow enthusiasts

This past weekend my 19 year old son and I had the great fortune to compete in a local USPSA event.  
I'll turn 50 this year and as my kids have gotten older I've always cherished any activity that we can still enjoy together. Hunting this past year was an amazing experience we've added to our repertoire but I can't thank our local shooting club and more specifically a very enthusiastic member of the Air Force shooting team and some of his buddies for really pushing this event in our small town as it gave us the opportunity to be exposed to this adrenaline filled activity.

As far as I'm concerned, as beginners, we kinda have to treat our performance like an airplane landing...anyone you can walk away from is a good one, LoL. so we made a couple of mistakes, none safety related, but on one course of fire I stepped over a line and I ran my pistol dry when going for a second shot, reloaded, and then forgot to take the second shot again and earned a big fat "M" for forgetting to actually take the second shot but I'm sure I'm not the first person to make that mistake.

The best part was the individuals scoring understood it was our first event, kept the mood light and even among the more "competitive" participants it was very light hearted.

I look forward to becoming a regular here, reading up, likely exposing my ignorance by asking a lot of dumb questions, but hopefully it will result in my son and I enjoying quality father son time together while improving our skills and become more proficient and safer competitors!

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