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Tapatalk- Multiple pages


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New behavior observed on Wednesday: can’t get to the second page of the classifieds. The page loading spinner just keeps spinning.

This does not happen using a browser to access the forum.

Anybody else see this? It appears to happen across all topics...

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But before I do, let's some more accurate info / feedback. 


To specifically state  the issue... with Tapatalk, you cannot get past the first page in any topic?


Report what device the problem is with. We already have iPand and Pixel 2 (don't know if that is a phone or what).


I just ran a small IP upgrade - maybe that will help. 🤣

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Sorry, but no word from them.


After looking at that again today, that was wrong. Wrong, because I did not report that issue to IP because it is not their problem. It will have to go to TapaTalk. But before I contact them, I need more specific feedback.


The issue: you cannot get past the first page of any topic. We know it happens on one guy's iPad, and one guy's Pixel 2


Is anyone else experiencing this issue? If so, what type of device?

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I constantly have issues with tapatalk on this forum.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 phone with all updates. 


This has been happening with tapatalk for a long time (Months? Definitely!  Years?  Perhaps!)


I cannot use the "unread" view at all.  It always times out, so I had to start using the "timeline" view, which takes many seconds (to minutes) to load.  When the loaded topics are exhausted, it takes similar seconds/minutes to load the next set.


Also, I could not open on the "This is what I really want you to read" link in your "PLEASE READ this if you use TapaTalk" post.  I had to load up the forum on my laptop's browser to pull it up.


It would be excellent if Tapatalk can fix this!  (or whoever it is who can fix it)


I'd be happy to test/troubleshoot/report if it would be of any help.



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A couple things you can try. First it's go out to the top level of Tapatalk and go into settings. Advanced Options and Clear Cache.


The other thing is TT is really slow at loading the unread messages for the more things you have unread. First try with the fastest internet connection (e.g WiFi) on your phone. Hopefully you can load it before it times out. Then make sure to "Mark as read". Second, and I'm guessing here because I have not tested this, would be to log in with your web browser on your computer and mark all Unread. If that works correctly it will also unread for TT. Make sure to use the Mark as Read function often.


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