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CTS vs Bull Shadow


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The CTS LS-B is a standard CZ 75 frame with a Tactical Sports top end:



The CTS is a Tactical Sports with a shortened dust cover:



The Bull Shadow is a standard CZ 75 frame with a CZC made bull-barrel upper:



The Bull upper was designed from the ground up with slight changes to the profile, sight cuts, and recoil system.

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Yeah, like a TS slide they are wider/fuller in dustcover, so they recommend that you file the inside of your CZ75/SP01 dustcover to fit.  I have a TS slide that I bought off of someone, but it was custom-milled by them on the dustcover to fit in standard CZ75/SP01 frames so I use it as a 'longslide' SP01 Shadow.  Don't know which of the above they do for the CTS LB, but if I had to guess I'd say the former.


If the Bull Shadow slide were available pre-milled to fit on regular SP01 frames, I'd definitely be interested.

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On 2/22/2019 at 2:05 PM, himurax13 said:

Your specific slide was setup for a LS-B configuration.


Oddly enough, so is the IPSC standard.




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Man, of only the Bull Shadow's slide came that way.  As I recall, the barrel lugs also needed a little milling to function properly in a 75/SP01 frame.


On 2/22/2019 at 7:40 AM, rowdyb said:

complete Bull Shadow uppers are on the CZC website and a link the little bit of milling one needs to do to fit them. very interested in trying one in a shadow 2 frame....


Here is my above-mentioned TS slide on a Shadow 2 frame.....




It seemed to function fine dry-cycling, didn't fire it.  Only thing is the rear contours of the slide end didn't quite match up with the Shadow 2's, but it didn't seem to have any effect on the rails or the hammer-pin position.

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CTS. is an awesome gun, you wouldn't think A little shorter dust cover would make a difference, it's faster and more balanced than TS, of course it's a great trigger and slimmed down profile compared to the TS.

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Tiny bit longer on the CTS I think, but probably negligible all things considered....






I assumed that the front 'tip' of a regular TS-type slide needed to be sliced off to be completely open.  Man, I'd love to get the SP01 version if it was USPSA-legal.



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