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Training books and videos


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Ben Stoeger has several.  


Charlie Perez has one. Forum member here. Cha-lee is his user name. 


Steve Anderson has a few


Brian enos has some. 


I've read all if them!


All are very good!  


Stoeger has some videos and has a subscriber forum that he does with Hwansik Kim. It has a ton of video content. It also has different levels of membership that include private coaching.







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Brian,s book was the first I bought, followed by Ben,s 3 books and all taught me something imp ortant. I really like that Ben explains in detail the training, live and dry fire, he did to make GM.


Another book I found really helpful is the one by Saul Kirsch.


Now, if I only practiced more! That is my resolution for this year.

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MIke Seeklander book is excellent.

Steve's is quite good.

Lanny Bassham for the mental game.


Mike has videos also.

Julie has a book or two I think.

Brian's should be the first.


Although Matt Burkett is persona non grata now days, his original videos were great back then but the newer videos by others are better.


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