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Gen 2 STI mag follower in gen 1 tube?


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13 hours ago, CzViper said:

Do you need/want lock back?

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Negative. Let me elaborate. I have and old set of beat up STI gen 1 140mm mags with stock followers, springs, and base pads. The guts are not in the best of shape.

When the price of gen 2 mags came down recently, I bought four. I also have four new grams FKS-11 kits. My plan is to take the guts out of the new gen 2 mags, install the grams kits in them, and then use them as my match mags.

I was hoping that the brand new guts that came out of the gen 2 mags could be installed in the old gen 1 tubes to breath new life into them. They would make a good practice set.  

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I have four STI Gen 1 mags that all work great.
I swapped the followers for a gen 2 follower and none of them even come close to working. The dimensions on the Gen 2 followers are way wider. They won't even push up through the top. My feed lips are set at .380- .385.

Gen 1 followers on left
Gen 2 followers on right

Gen 1 mags in picf35de0d85d2d130f8c59b31c47d86bd6.jpgccc9d5cd1a5170d30c425c49808e74b6.jpge6518b016605a5c6c4255cbc4469eea6.jpg

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My assumption is that with some material taken off and some tuning they will fit and function but from stock factory form they won't even come up through the Gen 1 tube. At least mine as shown. YMMV.

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