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Newbie from Philippines.


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Kumusta ka pare!

Although I'm an old white dude from the States, I lived in the P.I. for five years as a kid.
My step dad is Filipino and my brother and I were the only Americans in a small parochial school in Manila way back in the day (and I mean WAY back, Marcos was still in power, LoL)
My Tagalog is pretty rusty, but thankfully, the curriculum was in English...except for Tagalog class of course...but I got by.
I'm a new member here myself. After spending 22 years in the U.S. military, I've retired, settled down, gotten my kids and myself into recreational shooting and hunting, and now my 19 year old and I have decided to take up USPSA so I'm hear to get educated.

I haven't started reloading myself...but the economics of the situation may call for it!

Cheers and hope to see you around the forums!

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