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Attachment mechanism for BOSS?


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What attachment mechanism do you use for your BOSS hangar?  The included aluminum plate?  Does anyone run Tek-Lok on it?  I like the idea of running Tek-Lok so I can switch between different belts (double belt for USPSA, regular belt for defensive shooting courses) more easily.


Am I overthinking?  I already have the Tek-Lok bracket off the BladeTech holster I'm using on it, so there's no cost difference to me.

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I run the aluminum plate and it is very sturdy. With the tek-lok attached it had some flex and liked the feel of the aluminum mounting plate better. Its still easy enough to take out the 3 screws for the holster and move the holster to the tec-lok for other uses.

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Depends on your application; I've owned 3 and used the teklok and the provided plate from BSPS; both worked.  If you prefer to setup 2 belts, use the plate. For a quick switch, use the tek-lok.


(I went back to non-competition holsters, however, as I found that it didn't really help me and it was annoying to get in and out of tight spots.)

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