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1050 GSI Head


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Just got a GSI head for my RL1050.  It is missing the Indexer Camming Block. Called GSI and they do not have any.  Could someone take a few pics of theirs and measurements and send them to me so I can try and figure out a substitute.  Any tips I should be aware of in setting it up and using it?  I plan on using a Mr. Bullet type feeder, but have to make a replacement feed column since it was also missing.

Thanks    Howard

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Sounds like you’re missing a lot of parts. Do you have the correct seating die for the bullet you plan to use? It’s not the same diameter as a standard seating die.

The GSI head for a super 1050 has a different height bullet feed wheel actuator (taller) than a RL 1050. I haven’t seen any RL heads for sale in the time I’ve invested. I don’t know for sure how the taller actuator would operate in a shorter stroke RL 1050. The feed wheel would activate earlier in the handle stroke, but there may not be enough release release to allow the feed wheel to reset for the next rotation. db1b2cd2b7837907490569734ce1645f.jpg

Trying to rig a feed column will take a lot of effort. Frankenstein-ing a MBF dropper tube might be the easiest solution. But if you get to that point, you might as well use the MBF as intended since you plan to use the MBF collator.

Since GSI discontinued their feeder, they no longer support it in any way. (I’ve spent a long time trying) Getting parts would mean scavenging from a complete kit or finding someone selling spare parts (very rare lately)

If you only have the head, you have a long way to go from getting it to run.

I’ve spent a ton of money and over 2 years time to get to the point I’m at.

Is it worth it? To me it is, it may not be to someone else.

The MBF with a powder check/powder cop/lockout die and their 2-in-1 die would replicate a GSI with less hassle and more readily available parts. The only disadvantage is dealing with adjusting a 2-in-1 die.

I’m not trying to discourage you from doing it. I’m just informing you that it won’t be an easy or cheap path.

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Thanks for the information.  Mine is a Supper 1050 GSI head, that is on my RL. It does have enough room (barley) to reset itself.  For the Indexer Camming Block, I took some metal I had and made a base and attached a section of angle that I cut a grove into and mounted it (see pic).  The reason for the grove was to reduce the thickens.  This seems to be working.  For the feed column,  I am thinking about mounting a 1" tube in the space provided on the head.  To that, mount a section of angle so that a leg goes out past the feed bushing (on the bushings side)..  I will then take a section of 1/2" PVC pipe and "U" bolt it to this leg. Then make a funnel to insert in the PVC pipe bottom to reduce the inside diameter to what I need and have this align over the bushing. Might not be pretty, but I think it may work, do you see any problems with it?
I do have a 2 questions, I am planning on using a pipe bending spring to supply the bullets from the feeder to the PVC pipe, what size is being used? (inside or outside dia.). What happens when a bullet is not set in a case and comes back around to the feed column, or do you not let it get that far and push it out thru the seating stem?

GSI Cam.jpg

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Very creative solution on your camming plate, nice work! If you had a factory camming plate, I don't think the feed wheel actuator would reset. The top of the factory camming plate is even with the top of the shell plate base.


Your idea for a feed column should work. The factory feed column has a switch at the top to stop the collator. You'll need to find a way to rig that switch, or manually shut off the collator. You can use the switch from an MBF dropper assembly. 


You can use the MBF output spring to feed your column, they use 2 sizes, large is for pistols (12mm ID), small for rifle (10mm ID). With MBF's output spring, you have a connection to the collator.  If you want to use the tube bending spring, as long as the ID is 12mm, you should be fine. You just need to rig the connection to the collator.


On a factory setup, if a bullet isn't seated, the incoming bullet jumps up in the column as the unused bullet rotates around the feed wheel. The column tolerance is pretty close to bullet diameter. That tolerance would prevent a jam by keeping all the incoming bullets inline as the unused bullet rotates around. Otherwise, I try not to let unused bullets rotate around.


I'll answer your PM in a sec



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