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Choke Madness (Noob)


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I recently picked up a new shotgun to get into 3-gun this year, and am trying to get my choke situation figured out.  I have learned that my barrel uses the "Tru-Choke" thread pattern/size, which I was (ignorantly) under the impression was a fairly common pattern.  I'm not finding this to be the case at all.  For instance, I thought I'd order myself a nice set of Briley extended chokes, but they don't make any in this pattern, from what I can tell.  (https://www.briley.com/c-540-tru-choke.aspx)  It seems most of the places that I'm looking for both chokes and muzzle brakes don't offer this pattern.  My worry is that this Tru-Choke pattern is interchangeable (the same) as some other pattern by a different name, but I don't have any way of knowing this.


I can simply order chokes from who seems to be the creator of Tru-Choke, Carlson's, but I'd love to know if there are other options I can consider but just don't realize because of ignorance.  I half was beginning to think Win-Choke is the same, but I'm not sure.  The world of shotguns is totally new to me after years almost nothing but USPSA shooting.


The shotgun in question is a Standard Manufacturing SKO-12, which is a branch of Connecticut Shotgun.

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30 minutes ago, IntenseImage said:

Just buy the Carlson's ... Nothing wrong w them at all. Get extended if you don't plan on using a brake, or flush if you plan on putting a clamp on style brake over the barrel

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Carlson choke tubes are good.


Here is another source of Tru-choke tubes: https://trulockchokes.com/. (By looking at that name you can probably figure out where this style of tube got its start)

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