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Stoeger M3K mag tube and parts


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I’m picking up a M3K and want to outfit it with an extension. 


Anyone know what’s going on with Nordic Components? All distributors are out of stock on most tubes and components with no timeframe of availability. This seems to be going on for the past year or more according to their Facebook and forum reviews.


MOA precision has some parts but their +6 tube is also out of stock. I havnt contacted them yet to see Whalen they will be available.


Do you guys have any other sources or recommendations?

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I can't remember what mine is but I can get 12 in the tube and that's what you need so depending on the stage you can throw 4 in at the beep. Assuming the match starts with 9.

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I have two +8 kits on the way from Optics Planet.  They were backordered for a few months.  If they’re out again, I can hook you up with the second one because it was added by accident.

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