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Titanium Nitride, ETC Production legal?


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For USPSA, I’m not sure and would like clarification from DNROI because:


D4.21 states that only specifically allowed modifications are allowed. 


D4.21.2a allows changing the finish of the slide and/or frame. 


D4.21.3 allows replacing the barrel with an OFM or aftermarket barrel of the same length (within .1”) and caliber as the original. 


My interpretation would be that refinishing the barrel is technically not allowed, but replacing the barrel with one that is identical to the stock barrel except for the finish IS allowed. Therefore, I would allow it. 


I don’t know anything about IPSC division rules, so I can’t help you there. 

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16 hours ago, pjb45 said:

Have you seen SV barrels?  They are issued at the factory.

I’m assuming you’re talking SVI? If so, they’re nowhere near production legal and have no grounds in this discussion. 


OP, don’t see how the coating would be outside the rules, but it would be worth getting some clarification. 

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I was using SV as an example of a manufacturer  issuing barrels with coatings.  You can buy aftermarket barrels for Production guns that are legal in USPSA. My error was reading 'production' as a product that is produced rather than Production as in a Division.


 21.3 After-market slides and barrels – provided they are the same length, con- tour and caliber as original factory standard. 








Exchange of minor EXTERNAL components) 

Barrels are considered “external parts” and are subject to specific restrictions in 21.4 and associated rulings. 


Although, now SV uses the infinity symbol on their guns my SV guns just have SV, not SVI.


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Found this in the mark up version of new IPSC rule book........so guess its a go in IPSC....



16 7.1 end of which states.... Changing the original color and/or finish of a handgun, and/or adding stripes or other embellishments is permitted.

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