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Marking Magazines & Other Stuff?


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So, I recently realized I'm not the only shooter who has CZ 75 magazines.  Or an UpLULA.  Or Howard Leight Impact Sport muffs.  :)


In order to keep mine mine and avoid confusion on the range, I'd like to mark them.  For the non-magazine items, I figure a label maker will work wonderfully.  For the magazines, I'm thinking of a paint-based marker so I can write on the side and not risk it catching during reloads.


I'm sure I'm not the first to think of all this -- what do you do?

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For most of my gear I use mailing labels - the ones that arrive free in the mail.  I can usually find some non-critical surface to stick them to.  If I'm worried about theft (large, non-local match), I find an inconspicuous place to put a second label.

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13 hours ago, jaysrgu said:

engraver works wonders,or pink base pads!

this is close to what I do .  different color pads IE pink 9mm ,high  viz yellow 40sw. bright blue for pcc and rifle.

then engrave initials and mag #

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19 hours ago, RacerX1166 said:

Label maker always worked fine for me on mags.  Vertical on the spine stayed in place the whole time I was shooting Open (first go around).


That is what I have been using for years . The Brother brand P-Touch label maker uses a very thin film label that sticks well and stays put even with cleaning. I put them on the spine of my STI mags and in the side depression on my SV mags. They have lasted years and have never caused a problem.

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