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Sarsilmaz K12 Sport


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I know this is an older thread, but at a gunshow I got to handle one a bit, but the owner was like "If you're not buying it please refrain from handling it"


However, this one seems a pretty close to a lim custom... pretty tricked out, claiming stainless (not plated) and priced at $650!!!  The owner thought it was a CZ copy, and had no idea what a Tanfo it might be compared to.  I came so close to getting it but, I have no need for another nine.



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My LGS in PA just recently had a bunch of these come in and sell out within a day, the price you pay for the features you get with that gun are very hard to beat.

If I didn't have my Stock 3, I would have picked one of these up no question. 


I wonder about the parts interplay between this and Tanfo/CZ

if anyone picked one up I would love to hear more about it 

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