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New PCC Goal?

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Spent a little time last evening watching video clips on Instagram of how much better than me folks are at shooting stages with their PCC.


A favorite is always Max Leograndis .  A comment he posted that really stood out, "Doing the doubles drill, I have gone back to 30+ yards and been able to maintain .12s splits in the A zone of a classic target."


A new goal?  Something I will achieve? (Nope.)  But at least gives us an idea what the top shooters can do in practice.

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Yes, it is doable. I think most people shooting PCC are just doing double taps and that doesn’t always work when you start to stretch distance. I see so many shooters whose transitions are slow with PCC. But if your gun is setup nice, you can pretty much run the trigger as as you can pull it. 

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