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9mm Brass (Original Feedback Thread)


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This was my original 9mm for sale thread.  There is great history and feedback here.  Please refer to the pinned 9mm thread for current pricing and offerings.  








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Schedule Update 3/21/19
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4 hours ago, JJM7288 said:

If available, I would like 5000.


1 hour ago, Flatland Shooter said:


If any of the 02/27 or 03/04 batchs remaining I'd like to order 5000.



Thank you both for your interest.  I have sent you both PM's.  At this time the 2/27 and 3/4 batches are SPF.  I will notify you if there are any cancellations.  


The next batch is scheduled to start shipping on 3/15.  Please let me know if you would like to book a slot on that batch.

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25 minutes ago, racerba said:

are there any available slot for the 3/15?

I sent you a PM.  The last 3/15 slot sold right after I updated.  I have a spot for you on 3/20 if that will work.





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